Penang… Penang (Part II)


This is the 2nd part of the recent penang pre-wedding photography; this was a early morning session starting at around 0730 and is mostly around the Esplanade area of Penang and eventually moving to Lok Thye Kee Residences & the Majestic Theatre

[exif id=”2062″]

Breakfast (I)
[exif id=”2063″]

Breakfast (II)
[exif id=”2064″]

Getting Ready for what comes next
[exif id=”2065″]

Early Morning Stroll
[exif id=”2066″]
[exif id=”2067″]

Having Fun (I)
[exif id=”2068″]

Having Fun (II)
[exif id=”2069″]

Having Fun (III)
[exif id=”2070″]

Having Fun (IV)
[exif id=”2071″]

Outside City Hall
[exif id=”2072″]

Outside City Hall – BW

The Vespa
[exif id=”2073″]

Bamboo Alley (I)
[exif id=”2074″]

Bamboo Alley (II)
[exif id=”2075″]

Bamboo Alley (III)
[exif id=”2076″]

Bamboo Alley (V) – B&W

Taking a break (BTS)
[exif id=”1985″]

[exif id=”2077″]

[exif id=”2078″]

The Majestic
[exif id=”2079″]

[exif id=”2080″]

Glamorous (I)
[exif id=”2081″]

Glamorous (II)
[exif id=”2082″]

Glamorous (II) – B&W

Special thanks to the couple for allowing me to post these photos online, Cindy Chang of Beauty Haven for makeup & styling; Kombee Wagen for the beautiful classic Vespa; Lok Thye Kee Residences & Majestic Penang for gratiously allowing us to shoot in their properties.

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