Playing with Lighting

Viena at Keat Camera
Viena at Keat Camera

This week I did quite a few things that I have never done before.

  • Use my own light-meter / exposure meter for my own shoot
  • Demonstrate how to use studio strobes
  • Wash a car, the floor just to prepare for a shoot

This was all because a friend of mine mentioned casually that he’d like to know a bit more about lighting and I thought, “Why not?” and…

…before I knew it, I got a location, a model and another friend who can help in setting up some lights (and smoke :P), the shoot was *on*!

Charging batteries for a shoot
Charging batteries for a shoot

The shoot started quite uneventful until rain suddenly came pouring down and it made it impossible to shoot certain shots that I have planned; after a scramble to move things out of the way of the rain, we went ahead to experiment and play while I showed my friend a couple of tricks with studio strobes.

Lighting was tricky as the space was small and part of the area we were shooting was completely open to the sky resulting in sunlight pouring in from the sky; having to fight the sunlight so that we can control light on the scene better, both the strobes (Elinchrom ELB400) had to be set at or near full-power.

Luckily the strobes performed very well, only finally overheating once each after nearly an hour and 45mins of shooting by 3 photographers.

My newly acquired Gossen Digisky lightmeter / exposure meter also worked very well and was a great help by triggering the strobes remotely. Although it cannot give the correct reading when the ELB400 were on High-Sync, finding out how much power is needed in that mode just required setting the meter to 1/1000s and knowing roughly how many stops are lost while at a certain shutterspeed on High-Sync.

The following images are some of my favorites from the photoshoot :

*EXIF info is intact if anyone is interested in the settings for the shots


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