Golf Tournament Photos Published

10th May 2010 : It seems that today is destined to be one of those days again… picked up the papers (The Star, the largest national English daily in Malaysia) today, flipped through it and found a golf-pullout; curious since that was what I have been shooting recently.

I didn’t get far before I nearly fell down when I jumped up from my chair… there it was, my photo staring me in the face. Haha… another one of those happy moments, I guess…

Suddenly reminded of my recent assignments, I went through the May 2010 issue of the Malaysian Golf Digest… this time, I was laughing like a madman. 4 photos from 2 articles this time…. hahaha….

I guess a photographer can never get bored seeing his work actually published and is seen by many hundreds, if not thousands of people.

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Time for a celebration? You bet~! 😀

Golf Season starts

Although amateur golf tournaments happen around the year here in hot or rainy Malaysia, it seems most are bunched up at this time of the year; thanks to my loyal clients, I was again asked to shoot some of those tournaments.

Yes, I am not photographing seasoned professionals from the PGA Tour here but shooting amateur golf has its own rewards. Being completely unpredictable, it is an utter new experience shooting every single amateur tournament and a completely different experience for each as well. Amateurs are also less particular about when and where you can photograph them, besides machine-gunning right beside them before they putt or tee-off, pretty much everything else is ok; that allows me to exercise as much creativity as I like during the session.

Of course, it carries its own unique hazards as well; you will never know if you run into an inconsistent player that sends the ball in a direction nobody thought possible. Some photographers kid that they need to wear full-face motorcycle helmets to amateur golf tournaments and in truth, they did exaggerate but not by too much. 😛

Of course, when I look at the prizes (even the lucky draw prizes) always make me want to learn golf and compete…. well… maybe next year… maybe…. 😛

Tournaments that I have covered so far (note all images on these pages were shot by me):
Prudential Astro Masters 2009 on Astro’s official website
Maxis Team Golf Tour 2009 on New Straits Times