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After around 2 weeks of continuous work, sweat and quite a few extra strands of white hair; my new site is done. It’s a huge sigh of relief and a big sense of achievement, I who knew nothing.. yes, nothing of Flash programming or ActionScript actually learnt and built a site from scratch in the short period of time.

At first, I sketched up quite a few designs in Photoshop and started with a really green and natural looking design or a deep blue one which looked like my photos were floating on the sea but eventually and slowly, the current design emerged.

This was to be a slow, gentle and simple looking site; a site that encourages visitors to sit back and just take a slow look through my portfolio which as it has been always the centerpiece of my website(s) as a photographer.

Quite a lot of trade-offs were made especially of the smoothness of the ripples on the main background; the ripples could be made to feel as smooth as silk if I demanded more processing power for it but at the end, this site had to be accessible to lower-spec’ed PC and in some cases laptops too… so I had to really optimize and tweak the ripple generation to make it look at least realistic but it did end up feeling a bit sluggish due to the limits I put on the ripple generation engine.

Besides that compromise, I did have to make a couple of compromises to the original design intent as my skill as a Flash programmer is really rather limited. There were some small areas that needed some extra polish but I had no idea on how to “polish” them to the exact shape I wanted too.

Well… I hope you guys like my new site and please do feel free to post any comments on the site here. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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