Canon 5D Mark IV Impressions


Last Sunday I attended a 8hr Canon 5D Mark IV Product Seminar organized by Canon Marketing Malaysia and had a chance to play with a 5D Mark IV for maybe a total of 5mins but I have to point out, it is entirely my decision of not hogging the test cameras for too long so that others may try and experience it.
Having previously handled a 5D (from the original to Mark III) and also shooting with the latest iteration of the 5D in the 5Ds-R (more on that HERE) before the 5D Mark IV, I am rather familiar with the system and Canon EOS cameras in general so I didn’t really need to test out all the features. The main feature that was of particular interest to me for the 5D Mark IV is related to image quality or more specifically detail level when compared with the 5Ds-R

1z7a9513The first shot I took using the 5D Mark IV after I slapped on my own 85 f/1.2 on it was this one of some of the “models” at the seminar.

As you can see even if the “models” weren’t of the professional variety and the shot is completely candid, the camera did very well in terms of auto-exposure, auto-white balance and AF. The full EXIF is preserved in the image if you are interested to see that. Do note that all images on this blog post are processed with Adobe Lightroom 2015.7 with sharpening turned to 0, noise reduction to 0, Adobe Standard color profile and no adjustments done unless noted otherwise.

1z7a9517After looking through all my photos from the event, I was surprised to see some were slightly underexposed and was going to draw a conclusion that the 5D Mark IV’s auto-exposure or metering isn’t that good but after studying the images further, I found that 2 images that were taken one right after another of the same subject maybe 0.5s apart, one was darker and one was brighter.

So yes, flickering lights in this case fluorescent lighting on location DID mess up the metering on the 5D Mark IV but it was my bad that I didn’t turn on the “Anti-Flicker Shoot” mode which should be implemented in the 5D Mark IV.

On the outdoors portion of the seminar, Canon M’sia set up a Ducati scrambler, one of the best looking man you will find in Malaysia and a Profoto B1 light with a beauty dish mounted. When I saw that, I smiled a little and this might finally be my chance to shoot actual photos with a Profoto B1 (my previous experience with the B1 is detailed HERE

Due to the fact that I wanted to test out how the Profoto B1 and 5D Mark IV performed together, the 5D Mark IV was set on Aperture Priority at -1 Exposure Compensation, 0 Flash Exposure Compensation and the B1 was set in TTL mode; and not surprisingly, since the Profoto B1 was set-up in the wrong position (I didn’t move the flash as there was 3 other people trying to test the camera at the same time) which effectively only backlit the subject, the shot came out underexposed.

Underexposed by how much? Exactly 1-stop (duh! that was what I asked the camera to do :P) and like most TTL mode flashes, TTL without compensation for backlight strobes will always give you the wrong output and the shiny white Canon banner right next to the model didn’t help matters for it.

1z8a9816So I ended up having to push the final shot on this blog post by 1-stop in Lightroom and recovered some shadows in it.

Finally, the most important question to me was, do the detail levels hold up to a 5Ds-R? After looking through all the images taken, the answer to me right now is a “NO” at least in ideal or close to ideal conditions though I am pretty sure the 5D Mark IV would do better than the 5Ds-R in less than ideal conditions.

As such, if you are a wedding photography, event photography, sports photography (casual :P) and indeed any other kind of photographer that shoots a variety of subjects, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV will be the camera to buy BUT if you are a crazy starving photographer like me who only cares about capturing absolutely “the shot” in the highest possible quality, get the Canon EOS 5Ds-R.

Hope this post is useful for you and if you have any questions or comments, just post them below or send me a message.

To download and view all the photos from the event, go HERE

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